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About AMW Fitness

AMW Fitness was born out of true passion for helping others find a safe place where they can become stronger and feel healthier both inside and out.

As a mom, a wife, and former middle school teacher, I know what it's like to always be busy.  I also know that taking care of yourself is key to being there for everyone else.

Personal training through AMW Fitness will use individualized workout plans to help you build confidence and reach your goals. I cannot wait to start training with you!

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What does AMW Fitness Look Like?

As a NFPT certified trainer, I have worked in fitness facilities training clients one on one to help them reach their goals.  I offer a wide range training styles to meet the needs of each individual. I believe that balance is key to success.  We will work the total body with cardio, strength, core, and balance training to get the most out of each session.


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Strength Training

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What does AMW Fitness Offer?

As a personal trainer, I work hard to make training accessible to all clients.  For each client, their needs are a little different, so I offer a wide variety of training options. There is something for everyone at AMW Fitness.

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Not sure personal training is right for you? Come find out!

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I've lost a ton of weight the last 20-ish months.  I have not been shy about not being able to do this alone. It take an extremely strong support system to not only start a journey, but to continue through the "downs."

A key component of my support system has been my personal trainer.  Ashley is simply amazing.  She has worked with my doctor and me every step of the way to develop a plan that works for my goals.  She's intuitive and knows when I'm in need of an extra kick or an ear.  Training with her is my favorite times of the week, and I seriously can't say enough good things about her!

Hillary Miller

After years of inconsistent exercise habits, Ashley became a motivational force in my life! She has been there to encourage me and offer advice throughout my health journey.  Her passion and knowledge shine through whenever we talk about personal training, and anyone would be lucky to have Ashley in their corner, rooting them on to reach their fitness goals!

Dawn Malcolm

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